Trademark and Legal


They say “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” Well, call us flattered. With our success has come an expanding range of imitations and knock-offs. How do you know if you’ve gotten the real thing?

All MI RootsWear products feature our official “Seal of Authenticity.” Looks just like this here.

If it doesn’t say “Authentic MI RootsWear,” well... then it isn’t. Demand the original and the best. Demand Authentic MI RootsWear.


MI RootsWear takes its intellectual property and trademark rights very seriously.  "MI RootsWear" and the Michigan Roots symbol are copyright and registered trademarks of MI RootsWear, LLC, and may not be reproduced, imitated, or modified in any way.  If you observe any infringements, we appreciate your letting us know.