Long Sleeve Michigan Roots Logo Shirt - RealTree™ Camo with Pink Print

$ 35.00

Wear your MI Roots with pride!

This one's for the ladies! Camo with pink... awww yeah! This unisex cut 100% cotton long sleeve shirt is perfect for layering under a MI RootsWear hoodie! And featuring authentic RealTree™ Camo, this unique shirt can help you blend in, while definitely setting you apart from the crowd!

*Please note: Unlike our other long-sleeved shirts, this one does include a traditional elastic cuff.

Featuring the original MI RootsWear logo, in a durable pink screen print. The back features a small "Authentic MI RootsWear" stamp between the shoulders.

*Each piece is hand printed and unique. Imprint size and ink color may vary.